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Ponomareva Ol'ga Nikolaevna, Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, head of sub-department of natural-scientific education, Penza Institute of Education Development (40 Popova street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. 2013 is the year of environmental protection in Russia. This emphasis should be reflected in the activity of educational organizations engaged in the social order for preparation of young citizens. Penza region have accumulated a unique experience of formation in pupils of ecological culture, values, health, culture, healthy and safe lifestyle. The regional component of the curriculum for schoolchildren includes the disciplines of ecological orientation to meet the needs of all subjects of the educational process – the state, the individual, the parents.
Materials and methods. For the first time in Russia it is presented the elective course «Environment and human health» for pupils of 9–11 grades, which unites the idea of healthy lifestyle and development of environmental literacy of schoolchild virtually unchanged, in the main program of an educational organization.
Results. The proposed program of the elective course for schoolchildren is a logical continuation of the program of ecological training (N.M. Chernova and colleagues, Federal textbooks, 2001–2013, «Drofa»). Elective course involves the practice-oriented activities for schoolchildren on environmental assessment of the environment, contains the themes of socially significant educational and educational-research projects for environmental maintenance. This educational approach promotes socialization of pupils, formation of their civil life position. The program has an interdisciplinary character.
Conclusions. The presented program is embedded in the educational system of the Penza region elective course for pupils of 9–11 grades «Environment and human health».

Key words

elective courses, regional system of education, methods of teaching biology and ecology, environment and human health

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1. Ponomareva O. N. Okruzhayushchaya sreda i zdorov'e cheloveka. Programma i materialy k urokam po elektivnomu kursu: kniga dlya uchitelya [The environment and human health. Program and materials for elective course classes: teacher’s book]. Penza: GAOU DPO PIRO, 2013, 160 p.
2. Ponomareva O. N., Chernova N. M. Metodicheskoe posobie k uchebniku pod red. N. M. Chernovoy «Osnovy ekologii» [Guide to the textbook edited by N. M. Chernova “Basic ecology”]. Moscow: Drofa, 2001, 190 p.
3. Ponomareva O. N. Traditsii narodnoy ekologii v ekologicheskom obrazovanii [Traditions of social ecology in ecological education]. Moscow: Skriptoriy, 2003, 83 p.


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